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Storm Nation - October 15, 2012 Glenn Grimes Shoots First 300 with Storm Tropical Breeze™!

Glenn Grimes shoots his first 300!

Name: Tom Wicker

Storm Product: Storm Tropical Breeze

Accomplishment: Congratulations to Glenn Grimes for shooting his first 300. He shot it with his Storm Tropical Breeze on 10-2-12 at AMF Lewisville lanes. This was his highest series to date-165-300-194 for a 659 series. We know there will be more to come!!

Pro Shop/Driller: Wicks Pro Shop/Tom Wicker

Bowling Center: AMF Lewisville Lanes

Bowling Average: 186

"Thanks to Tom for the great job in helping me pick out the ball and detailed attention to getting it right!!"

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October, 2012