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Storm Nation - October 8, 2012 Lucid™ is KING!

Lucid™ is KING!

Name: Matt Murtishaw

Storm Product: LUCID

Accomplishment: Every single bowler that I've drilled the Lucid for is raving about the versatility and predictability!

Pro Shop/Driller: Fast Lanes Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Cal Oaks Bowl

Bowling Average: 238

"PAP: 5 7/8 over ¼ up Speed: 18 MPH Average rev rate: 400 Current league average: 242 Layout: 50 x 5” x 70 extra hole on axis (25/32 bit, 2 ½” deep) Intent: My intent for this ball was to have something that would allow me to open up the lane on medium oil or breakdown conditions. I was looking for a something that had good length with a strong and angular backend reaction. Result: The reaction I got from it was a nice clean skid through the front, a strong mid-lane roll, and an aggressive angular movement in the back. This ball rolls through the pins HARD! Although it was definitely more mid-laney than I expected, the LUCID saves a lot of energy for the pins. I will definitely drill the next one with a longer pin to PAP. What this ball pairs well with: This ball will match up best with every type of style on medium to heavy oil conditions. Definitely the pearl asymmetric you want in your bag. This ball will obviously pair well with the VIVID, but also the IQ and MODERN MARVEL. When this ball becomes too strong, you might want to go to a FIRE ROAD or another pearl symmetric."

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October, 2012