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Storm Nation - April 4, 2012 Pera Limtrakul Sets House Record With Storm Vivid

Who Do You Think You Are?

Name: Pera Limtrakul

Storm Product: Vivid

Accomplishment: In a league that does not have a sanction 800 this year, Tuesday night was something special. On April 3rd, 2012, in our Petterson Point System, I went head to head against Carl Stein. I am giving up 8 sticks per game to him. Game 1: I came out of the gate covering the 6 pin and then sheet up to the 9th frame. Carl Started came out with the front 7, covered the 10-pin in the 8th frame and struck in the 9th. Going into the 10th I had 290 on the board and he had 279. We both punched out all 3 shots in the 10th frame and I won by 3 pins. Game 2: I started off with the front 6 strikes and Carl with the front 7. I left a "Fast 8" then high in the pocket and then a 6-pin. Again we punch out he beats be 267-279 Game 3 (Me 557- Carl 558 after 2): Game 3 out of the gate Carl gives me some breathing room by whiffing a 7-pin and then covering the 10 pin. I start off stringing from the beginning of the game. Starting from the 6th frame in the back of my mind I was thinking getting this one and lets get 8 out of the the back of my mind I was thinking house record (which I had to shoot 837 to tie). Carl strings a bunch of strikes from the 3rd frame and on. At the point I wasn't concern with the match, but to throw a good shot. I had the front 8 and going into the 9th thinking if I threw this one then I have breathing room in the 10th for 800. With my knees wobbling I went up, smashed the pocket....strike. Front 9 now with the house record in reach. Carl gets up in the 10th a strikes his first shot then leaves a mess on his second shot. Not sure what he shot, my mind was a blurr at this point to anything other then my 10th. He ends up with 258. The entire league stopped bowling to watch my 10th. I get up on the approach, knees feeling like jello, palm is sweaty but the only thing I can think about is Pete Weber striking on his fill shot to win the US Open yelling "Who do you think you are?!?! I am!!!", then again a few weeks ago punching all three shots in the 10th to send him and Belmonte to extra frames. One solid shot right here is all I need. I threw the ball and split the 8-9 to strike. All I had to do was keep the ball on the lane and the house record would have a new owner. I buried the 11th. With my last shot I wasn't thinking 300. I was thinking just keep the ball on the lane, lets get this 850 set and go home. I go up and bowl and for the first time all night I stoned a 7-pin. I beat Carl that night 856-816 throwing my Vivid. "Who do you think you are?...I am!"

Pro Shop/Driller: Stepp's Glen Burnie Pro Shop/ Ko Whittington

Bowling Center: Bowl America Gaithersburg

Bowling Average: 220

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April, 2012