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Storm Nation - April 2, 2012 Margaret Bennet Fires 687 scratch With Storm Tropcial Heat

Margaret Bennet Fires 687 scratch With Storm Tropcial Heat

Name: Margaret Bennett

Storm Product: Tropical Storm Heat

Accomplishment: On Saturday, I bought a new Storm Tropical Heat (black/silver) ball. It was drilled one hour before I was to bowl in the City of Kingston, NY ladies tournament doubles and singles events. I wasn't going to use the ball, as using a new ball in a tournament can be suicidal, but decided to practice with it and see how it felt. It felt good so I decided to use it until I got into trouble. My bowling was PHENOMENAL - I've never done what I did on Saturday, and with a BRAND NEW BALL yet!!! I'm a 165-175 bowler. My first three games were 214, 218, 255 for 687 scratch series. My highest series ever!! Then in the singles event, shot 205, 234, and 177 for a 616 scratch. I AM WALKING ON CLOUD 9 !!!!! FIVE 200 games and two 600 series in a 3 hour period!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO - Can you tell I'm happy!! I LOVE MY NEW STORM TROPICAL HEAT BALL!! Just had to share this with your company!!

Pro Shop/Driller: John Ferraro

Bowling Center: Ferraro's Mid-City Lanes

Bowling Average: 174

""Bowled up a 'Storm' with my brand new Tropical Storm Heat""

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