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  • Del Ballard, Jr. (Technical Advisor | National Tour Rep)



    Technical Advisor | National Tour Rep

    • PBA Tournaments
    • PBA Majors
    • Special Events
    • USBC Queens
    • PBA Senior Majors
    • Women’s US Open
    • Technical Bowling Ball Layouts
    • "In the Bag with Baldo"
    • Complete Analysis of Professional Tournaments

    Hall of Fame Inductions

    • PBA
    • USBC
    • Texas State
    • Dallas, Texas

    13 PBA National Tour titles ; 4 majors

    • 1987 US Open
    • 1988 ABC Masters
    • 1989 Firestone Tournament of Champions
    • 1993 US Open


    Del was born on 07/01/1963 in Dallas, Texas. He is married to women's professional bowler Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. The couple has one child, Alyssa.

    Before coming to work at Storm Ballard bowled on the PBA tour 1984-1998. He then became the tour rep for Ebonite until 2001, when Del decided to bowl again on the PBA National Tour until 2007. During that time Ballard was also was a sales rep for Roto Grip during 2004 and 2005. After bowling on the tour ended, he went to work for Brunswick Bowling & Billiards, traveling around the country showing league bowlers how to bowl on PBA experience patterns and to make it fun to bowl on a competitive lane conditions.  He also gave lessons during this time.

    When Ballard left Brunswick in 2009, he was hired by the USBC in the International Coaching department to travel around the world and train people in other countries to become coaches. Some of the countries he covered were France, Italy, and the UAE. He held clinics and trained their national teams to help them perform better and receive more funding from their governments. When he left the USBC in 2010 Del returned as the tour rep for Ebonite until he was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in May 2011.

    After treatments and his doctors ok, he continued to rep until mid-2011. He was then reunited with Storm again in later 2011, where he is currently serves as the PBA National Tour Rep for Storm, Roto Grip and Master Industries Worldwide.

  • Steve Kloempken (Technical Director)

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    The Technical Director is responsible for the daily routines and activities of the Technical Department. Steve's primary responsibility includes product development of bags, wrist supports, gloves, cleaners, and polishes. He also handles international technical communications and sales support, as well as various coaching efforts with See Your Game software around the globe.

    Additionally, the Technical Department handles unique, technically orientated consumer product questions and inquiries that cannot be answered by general customer service or by local pro shop operators. Furthermore, the Technical Director is responsible for the accuracy, consistency and integrity of all technical data. This position also works closely with internal research and development of brand new, cutting edge technology through rigorous testing and analytical evaluation. It is also the responsibility of the Technical Director to develop and educate, both internally and externally, new key concepts, ideas and technology through seminars, webinars, videos and hands-on training sessions. Ultimately, it is the Technical Director’s responsibility to develop and maintain all aspects related to the technical field.


    Steve has worked in the bowling industry for 26 years. He started as a scoring attendant at the world famous Showboat Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He quickly moved into the pro shop where he fitted and drilled bowling balls for bowlers of all skill levels.

    After moving to Wichita, Kansas on a bowling scholarship, he completed his bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Wichita State University. Later, he went on to earn his Master's degree (MBA).

    Twice a member of Team USA, Steve won five Gold medals for his country. He earned two Golds at the World Championships in Singapore, one Gold in the Pan American Games and two Golds in the U.S. Olympic Festival. In addition, he is a two time ABC (USBC) National Champion, three time Collegiate National Champion, Collegiate Bowler of the Year and six time State Amateur Champion (Nevada (2), Kansas, Utah (2), Alabama).

    Steve started working for Storm Products, Inc. in 1996. His various job titles included Storm Booth Representative, Technical Customer Service Manager, Pro Tour Consultant, Marketing Director and Global Technical Advisor. He is proud to be part of the Storm family and enjoys giving back to the sport which has given him so much. In 2010, he started the Coach K Scholarship at his alma mater which rewards classroom performance for student-athletes at Wichita State University. 

  • Victor Marion (Research & Development, Director)

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    The Director of Research and Development is a multi-faceted position that focuses primarily on key product development such as new coverstock and weight block technologies. In order to facilitate the development of new cutting edge technologies, a heavy focus is put on researching numerous products inside and outside of the bowling industry. After a new concept, idea or technology is identified, a lengthy series of tests are conducted to verify that the product meets the highest standards possible. This process ensures that only the highest caliber of products are ever considered to carry the Storm® name.

    After a new product makes it to the final stages of development, the Director of R&D will then work directly with the marketing team, sales team and any other affiliated parties to help convey these new innovations and answer any questions that may arise. The research notes and data that were originally pivotal in the product development are then used to create seminars, videos and other educational material.

    The ultimate responsibility of the Director of Research and Development is to help educate and further the sport of bowling through research and technology while simultaneously developing the best products in the bowling industry.


    Victor was born with severe asthma so he spent the first several years of his childhood in the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital. Due to the severity of my asthma, he never had the opportunity to participate in any sports or physical activity so he spent majority of his childhood focusing on academics. Luckily, as he grew older he was able to calm his asthma; especially with the help of a few new medications that came into the market near the turn of the millennia.

    In 2002, Victor picked up a bowling ball for the first time since he was six to realize that the level of activity was high enough to keep him active but calm enough he could control his asthma. Shortly thereafter, he joined his first summer league where he averaged 155 practicing every night possible. This led him into his first job as a pin chaser so he could bowl for free at a local center. One year later, and several hundred practice games, Victor participated in the same league again where he raised his average 44 pins finishing at 199.

    In 2004, he started his own free-stand pro shop where he focused solely on furthering his technical expertise and refining his game. During this time, Victor attended every seminar, trade-show and certification class possible until his knowledge and passion for the game was eventually recognized within the industry. Since then, he’s been privileged to work with some of the greatest minds and leaders in the bowling world at Storm Products.

  • Chad McLean (Technical Customer Service, Representative)

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    As the Technical Customer Service Representative, Chad will provide consumers and pro shops with technical advice and support regarding Storm and Roto Grip equipment included but not limited to accessories, bags, maintenance products and gear along with managing our warranty programs.

    Additionally, McLean will be integral in the development and implementation of associated technical documents and materials.  TCSR is also charged with assisting the R&D Team with market research and development from a technical standpoint and will aid in the technical aspects of new-product marketing videos, live streaming and digital broadcasting.  Chad will also be involved with the testing process of new products.


    A native of Grand Junction, Colorado, Chad joins Team Storm after spending the last 5 years as a pro shop owner/operator in the Gainsville region where he quickly climbed the ranks as a top ballfitter by applying knowledge of anatomy, physiology and physics to the sport science of bowling.

    McLean started his love-affair with bowling at the age of 3.  A very active student/athlete in high school, he grew up participating in several sports including baseball, basketball, soccer and track but, bowling became the only one to stick.  

    Graduated with Honors Top of Class from Kennsesaw State University (Georgia) with a bachelor's degree in Exercise & Health Science.  He moved to Gainesville, Florida to advance his education in pursuit of a master's degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Florida but chose to focus energy on his professional bowling career and owning a pro shop.  Served as a coach for the Florida Gators from 2010-2015.

    Chad and wife Mandy now reside in Ogden, Utah and the couple has one Daughter (Kenzie).