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2013 Men's U.S Open
  • Host Center:
    Columbus Western Bowl
    Columbus, Ohio
  • Television Date:
    July 27th, 2013

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Del Ballard Jr.

In the first match between Marshall and Wes, Marshall had a good look, but looked like his ball had just a little too much surface.  He played the lanes correctly but had a little issue with his ball slowing down too much.

Randy Pedersen

Marshall is young and bowled great all week to make the show. What a career this kid has in front of him. Great young player.

Del Ballard Jr.

Pete seemed a little lost as his ball was going too long and had a little too much snap on the back.  That's the way he played them all week and Wes was in control firing 279 at Pete.

Randy Pedersen

Pete was defending and it was the first time he made the U.S Open show after he had won the year before. He had a good look from inside with the new Hy-Road Pearl all week, but couldn't get it going at Western Bowl. Weber ran into a monster named Malott on the show and there was no stopping Big Wes, not even from Pete.

Chris Schlemer

I knew going in this match could go either way.  Wes was feeling some tenderness in his knee and Weber was battling timing and feel over on the practice pairs before the show.  PDW just couldn't get comfortable.  We quickly worked on his pushaway and knee bend just before the show started as he was just not posting the shots as he had earlier in the week.  When all was said and done, so much was going through his mind while trying to bowl that he had a hard time focusing and staying in the moment.  Not to mention that Wes only missed in the first frame and left little to no room for error.

Del Ballard Jr.

Belmo made the right adjustment by moving right with a weaker ball.  By the time he was dialed in Wes had the match firmly in hand.

Randy Pedersen

Belmo ran over the field the first three days of the Open and made the flat, ugly U.S Open pattern look like a house shot. But on the show, Belmonte was off. His reaction was not good on the telecast. It was Malott's day and there was little Belmo could do about it. Belmonte is at the top of his game. Jason is still the best bowler in the world and the favorite for PBA Player of The Year.

Chris Schlemer

I have to say that this one caught me off guard a little.  In practice prior to the title match both Wes and Belmo had good reaction.  In fact, Belmo may have had the better look to be quite honest.  Then, with about a minute plus to go before the match, Belmo seemed to change a little.  The pin up Hy-Road Pearl looked great in practice as he was rolling in and had good command of his ball speed.  Then, out of nowhere adrenaline must have kicked in and he made a small adjustment on the right lane that turned out to be his nemesis.  During warm-ups it never happened but for his first four shots on the right lane he was getting the bad double bounce while tossing it over the left gutter.  Every time the ball would hit the lane it either bounced straight up in the air or would bounce right on the hop.  Very weird and obscure to say the least! 

Hank Boomershine

Del and I both agreed that Belmo needed to get the ball to pick up a little sooner to control the motion off the spot.  He did strike every ball in practice but like Schlem said, his first few shots seemed a bit faster than any of the shots in practice.  Once he made the ball change and got it into the lane a big smoother, he had a great reaction.  Unfortunately it was a bit too late.


Del Ballard Jr.

Wes came out with a Hy-Road Pearl that was hit with surface to slow it down.  He kept that same ball in his hands the whole show.  Congrats to big Wes!

Randy Pedersen

The Big Nasty is back. What a performance on the show. Beating Weber and Belmonte for the U.S Open title was a huge task and Malott was up to the challenge. His look with the Hy-Road Pearl was great and he made them look easy. Wes had knee surgery a while back and it looks like like he has recovered fully. Malott looked like the old Wes, like in 2009 when he was Player of the Year. Add 'Major' to his resume!

Chris Schlemer

Once we got on the TV pair it was quick to see that Wes got the adrenaline flowing and the knee pain went away and he was quick to find good angles on the lane with both the Roto Grip Wrecker and the Storm Hy-Road Pearl.  The Hy-Road Pearl gave him more recovery down lane on the shots he missed off his hand a little.   

In the title match Wes had a good feel and tempo rolling from his previous match against Pete.  In the end, Malott threw more quality shots than Belmo and the result was him winning his first career major title.

1st Win - Dennis Horan Jr. - 1996 Greater Hartford Open (Forest Fire)

2nd Win - Pete Weber - 1997 Tucson Open (Lightning Storm)

3rd Win - Pete Weber - 1997 Comfort Inn Classic (Blue Thunder Pro)

4th Win - First Major - Pete Weber - 1998 National Championship (Bolt)

5th Win - Dennis Horan Jr. - 1998 Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship (Bolt)

1st Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 1998 Storm Flagship Open

6th Win - Brian Himmler - 1999 Albuquerque Open (Sky Bolt)

7th Win - Eric Forkel - 1999 Brunswick Long Island N.Y City PBA Experience (Meteor Flash)

8th Win - Pete Weber - 2000 Empire State Open (El Nino 2000)

9th Win - Dennis Horan Jr. - 2000 Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship (ThunderFlash Pro)

10th Win - Second Major - Robert Smith - 2000 U.S Open (Fire Power)

11th Win - Robert Smith - 2000 Flagship Open (Super Power)

12th Win - Ryan Shafer - 2001 Orleans Casino Open Championship (X-IT)

13th Win - Pete Weber - 2001 Great Lakes Classic (X-IT/Eraser)

14th Win - Pete Weber - 2001 Greater Louisville Open (Trauma Recovery)

15th Win - Pete Weber - 2002 Columbia 300 Tar Heel Open (Trauma ER)

16th Win - Robert Smith - 2002 PBA Empire State Open (Erase It/Super Power)

17th Win - Hugh Miller - 2002 PBA Dream Bowl 2002 (Erase It)

18th Win - Robert Smith - 2002 Japan Cup (Shock Trauma)

19th Win - Danny Wiseman - 2002 Miller High Life Open (Eraser/Eraser Blaze)

20th Win - Randy Pedersen - 2002 Pepsi Open (X Factor)

2nd Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 2003 Storm Las Vegas Classic

21st Win - Mike DeVaney - 2003 PBA GEICO Earl Anthony Classic (X Factor)

22nd Win - Pete Weber - 2003 PBA Tar Heel Open (X Factor Deuce)

23rd Win - Robert Smith - 2003 PBA Banquet Open (Eraser Boost)

24th Win - Brian Himmler - 2003 PBA Miller High Life Open (Hotwire)

25th Win - Ryan Shafer - 2003 PBA Empire State Open (X Factor Deuce)

26th Win - Patrick Healey Jr. - 2003 PBA GEICO Open (X Factor)

27th Win -Third Major - Patrick Healey Jr. - 2003 PBA Dexter Tournament of Champions (Flash Point/Hot Rod)

3rd Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 2004 PBA Earl Anthony Classic presented by Storm Products

28th Win - Pete Weber - 2004 PBA Medford Open (Super Charge/X Factor Re Loaded)

29th Win - Fourth Major - Pete Weber - 2004 U.S Open (X Factor)

30th Win - Robert Smith - 2004 PBA Odor Eaters Open (Eraser Boost)

31st Win - Brian Himmler - 2004 PBA Chicago Open ( X Factor Ace)

4th Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 2004 PBA Orange County Classic presented by Storm Products

32nd Win - Pete Weber - 2005 Bowlers Classic (Fired Up)

33rd Win - Pete Weber - 2006 PBA Etonic Championship (Special Agent)

34th Win - Norm Duke - 2006 PBA Lake County Indiana Classic ( X Factor Ace)

35th Win - Brian Himmler - 2006 PBA Earl Anthony Medford Classic (Paradigm)

36th Win - Norm Duke - 2006 PBA Ace Hardware Championship (X Factor Ace)

37th Win - Norm Duke - 2006 Columbia 300 Classic (Spit Fire)

38th Win - Fifth Major - Pete Weber - 2007 U.S Open (Shift)

39th Win - Norm Duke - 2007 PBA Pepsi Championship (Spit Fire/Fired Up)

40th Win - Sixth Major - Norm Duke - 2008 PBA Denny's World Championship (Hy-Road)

41st Win - Seventh Major - Norm Duke - 2008 U.S Open (Shift)

42nd Win - Mike Machuga - 2008 PBA Chameleon Championship (Hy-Road)

43rd Win - Mike Wolfe - 2008 PBA Ultimate Scoring Championship (Dimension/T-Road Pearl)

44th Win - Rhino Page - 2008 Shark Championship (Hy-Road)

45th Win - Eighth Major Norm Duke - 2008 PBA World Championship (Hy-Road)

46th Win - Patrick Allen - 2009 National Bowling Stadium Championship (T-Road Solid/Rapid Fire)

47th Win - Ninth Major - Patrick Allen - 2009 PBA H & R Block Tournament of Champions (T-Road Pearl/Rapid Fire)

48th Win - Norm Duke/Liz Johnson 2009 Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Championship (Hy-Road)

49th Win - Norm Duke - 2009 PBA Dick Weber Open (Hy-Road)

50th Win - Jeff Carter - 2009 GEICO Plastic Ball Championship (Plastic)

51st Win - Jason Belmonte - 2009 PBA Long Island Classic - (Hy-Road/Team Storm Plastic)

52nd Win - Tenth Major - Mike Scroggins- 2009 U.S Open (Hy-Road/T-Road Pearl)

53rd Win - Patrick Allen - 2009 Dydo Japan Cup (Hy-Road)

54th Win - Norm Duke - 2009 PBA Cheetah Championship (Second Dimension)

55th Win - Rhino Page - 2009 PBA Viper Open (Natural)

56th Win - Mike DeVaney 2009 PBA Scorpion Championship (Natural/Street Rod)

57th Win - Jack Jurek - 2009 PBA Shark Championship (Virtual Energy)

58th Win - Brian Voss/Diandra Asbaty - 2010 Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Championship (Hy-Road)

59th Win - Pete Weber - 2010 PBA Lumber Liquidators Marathon Challenge (Hy-Road)

60th Win - Yong Jin Gu - 2010 PBA Scorpion Championship (Anarchy)

61st Win - Osku Palermaa - 2010 PBA GEICO Shark Championship (Hy-Road)

5th Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 2010 Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational sponsored by Storm Products

62nd Win - 11th Major - Tom Hess - 2011 USBC Masters (Virtual Gravity Nano)

63rd Win - 12th Major - Norm Duke - 2011 U.S Open (Prodigy)

64th Win - Stuart Williams - 2012 Bayer Viper Open (Victory Road Solid/Tropical Heat)

65th Win - Jason Belmonte - 2012 WSOB Chameleon Open (Marvel Pearl)

66th Win - Dominic Barrett - 2012 WSOB Scorpion Open (Marvel Pearl)

67th Win - Jason Belmonte - 2012 WSOB Shark Open (Marvel Pearl)

68th Win - 13th Major - Osku Palermaa - 2012 PBA World Championship (Hy-Road)

69th Win - Andres Gomez - 2012 PBA Carmen Salvino Classic (Marvel Pearl)

70th Win - Jason Belmonte - 2012 PBA Elite Players Championship (Marvel Pearl)

6th Storm Sponsored PBA Tour Event - 2012 Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational sponsored by Storm Products

71st Win - Scott Newell - 2012 PBA Ricart Ford Open (Victory Road Solid)

72nd Win - Osku Palermaa - 2012 PBA Kuwait International Open (Natural)

73rd Win - 14th Major - Pete Weber - 2012 U.S Open (Marvel Pearl/Frantic)

74th Win - Norm Duke/Wes Malott - 2012 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles (Anarchy/Frantic)

75th Win - Norm Duke - 2012 PBA Dick Weber Playoffs (Frantic)

76th Win - Jason Belmonte - 2012 PBA Australian Masters (Lucid)

77th Win - Norm Duke - 2012 PBA Dick Weber Playoffs (Frantic)

78th Win - Brad Angelo - 2012-13 PBA Viper Championship (Hy-Road)

79th Win - Tom Daugherty - 2012-13 PBA BJ Scorpion Championship - (Victory Road)

80th Win - Andres Gomez - 2013 PBA Carmen Salvino Classic (Hy-Road)

81st Win - Michael Haugen Jr. -  2013 PBA Mark Roth Classic - (IQ Tour Pearl)

82nd Win - 15th Major - Jason Belmonte -  2013 USBC Masters (Lucid)

83rd Win - 16th Major  - Pete Weber - 2013 Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions  (IQ Tour Pearl)

84th Win - Chris Loschetter -  2013 Lucas Oil PBA Wolf Open (IQ Tour)

85th Win - 17th Major - Wes Malott - 2013 Lipton U.S Open (Hy-Road Pearl)


Del Ballard, Jr.

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