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    Newton, New Jersey
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Ken Yokobosky


Ken is an active PBA Member and former National Touring Professional (1996-1999). Owns & Operates two Pro Image Bowling Pro Shops.

Yokobosky served as a Team USA Coach 2000 to 2009 and is a USBC Gold Certified Coach working with all skill levels.  Is part of the duo that conducts bowling camps for the Borden/Yokobosky Bowling Camps.  One of his proudest bowling moments came when he was the International Head coach of the Athens Bowling Club for the Greek National Bowling Tournament Series.

Over the years, Ken has been an instructor in several bowling DVD's including "Bowling Fun and Fundamentals for Boys and Girls", "Essential Keys to Better Bowling" and "Advanced Bowling: Techniques, Tips and Tactics".  In addition to his instructor work he has made several TV appearances including serving as a bowling consutlant and appearing in NBC's "Ed", drilling bowling balls and coaching on ABC's "The View" and making an appearance in "Make My Day" alongside actor Vicente Pastore and former NFL New York Giants' Wide-receiver, Amani Toomer.

He has many favorite quotes that he likes to use but most notable are "Now you're doing something", "I love almost everyone in this room" and "The shoulders work together by opposing each other".


  • 1st    2009 PBA Leisure Lanes Lancaster Open Champion Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • 1st    2009 PBA Eastern Regional Champion Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • 2nd   2010 PBA Eastern Regional Lebanon, Pennsylvania
  • 5 career 800 series

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