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  • Home Town
    Oberlin, Pennsylvania
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Tommy Gollick


Tommy set the USBC consecutive strike record with 47 in a row using the Storm Invasion.  When he is not on the lanes Tommy enjoys riding motorcycles and doing renovations on his house.  He enjoys watching football with his favorite team being the Dallas Cowboys.  His favorite musical artist is Lenny Kravitz, although he likes all music and listens to most music from Jazz to Rap, R&B, Classic Rock, and Classic Metal.

In 2006, Tommy and his partner, Jim Tomek, rolled a perfect 600 in the Title Match of a Scratch Doubles Tournament.



  • 2010/2011 PBA Eastern Region Player of the Year
  • 2 career PBA Regional Titles
  • 1st     2011 Miller Lite Over/Under Doubles Champion (Ryan Shafer)
  • 1st     2011 PSBA Masters Champion
  • 1st     2010 Rockaway Lanes Open Champion New Jersey
  • 2nd   2010 Lancaster Leisure Lanes Open Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • 3rd    2010 Regional Players Championship Detroit, Michigan
  • 1st    2009 Fort Meade Open Champion Maryland
  • 1st    2004 Pittsburgh Bowlers Tour Event Champion Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 27 career 800 series (1-Sport Bowling Sanctioned)