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    Cincinnati, Ohio
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Brian Himmler


When Brian is not on the lanes you can find him drilling bowling balls at his home-center Cherry Grove in Cincinnati . Himmler owns the pro shop inside Cherry Grove and he has hosted a Storm PBA Regional there for  over 17 years. 

Brian has a collection of about 800 CD's. He likes to see live music including everything from rock to blues clubs. His favorite show of all-time was the 1994 Black Crowes Tour, in Toronto. He enjoys cooking for friends when they're hanging out, especially "Cajun" style cooking. He is nicknamed "Chief", which has stuck with him from the time he was a kid and now, he kind of leads his group of friends so the name fits.

A native of Cincinnati, Brian is a big Cincinnati Bengals fan but he likes all sports teams from his hometown. Now, what he enjoys most is spending time with his three kids.

Brian boasts nine-career PBA Regional Titles and is a member of the Cincinnati USBC Hall of Fame.


PBA National Titles

  • 1st    1999 Albuquerque Champion, New Mexico
  • 1st    2003 Miller High Life Open Champion Chicago, Illinois
  • 1st    2004 Chicago Open Champion Chicago, Illinois
  • 1st    2005 Earl Anthony Medford Classic Champion Medford, Oregon


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