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    Oregon, Ohio
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Jodi Woessner


Jodi is a member of the Toledo Women’s Bowling Associaton and Ohio Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame.  Jodi is the first-ever woman to win a PBA Regional Title bowling on the long/retro format.  In 2010, she rolled an All Events Record of 2,330 at the USBC Women's Champions and tied the all-time high series double's record of 816. 2008, she bowled the tournament high series for single of 811 at the Ohio Women's State Tournament. 

Bowling trio's in 2007, she was a part of the team that posted highest score in the nation (1,353).  That same year she was the Hoinke Classic Women's Singles Champion in three different categories including 4-game scratch, 4-game handicap and 8-game handicap.  She was also a team member (4-man/1-woman) that bowled the second all-time nation highest team series (3,822).

In 2006, she rolled a 300 her last game to become the champion of the Ohio Buckeye Belle and was part of the second all-time highest women's team series (3,608).  She was the first-ever woman to win the Toledo ABC All Events, in 2004. And in 2001, she became the first-ever woman to champion the Toledo ABC Team Event.  She rolled a series record of 812 to win singles competition in the 1996 Ohio Women's State Tournament.

Her personal accomplishments include having the highest Ohio women's league average of 234 during the 2007/2008 season, became the first-ever woman to average over 200 in the Toledo Ladies Traveling League during the 1992/1993 season, have the highest average in the Toledo Ladies Traveling League 11 out of 13 years while breaking the league high average a record eight times and in 2006, she earned champion status when she won the Toledo Traveling Classic League, which is the third-oldest men's traveling league in the country, along with shooting a 300 during her first season in that league.

Jodi and her husband, Aaron, have five children which consists of three dogs and two cats. Her favorite sports teams are The Ohio State Buckeyes and Boston Red Sox. When she’s not knocking down the pins Jodi enjoys playing golf, working out and playing a little poker.



  • 1st  2012 Thunderbowl Ladies Open Champion
  • 2012 Ohio WBA Queens Runner Up
  • 1st  2011 Key Bank Traveling Classic Champions (Team)
  • 1st  2011 Thunderbowl Ladies Open Champion
  • 2011 High Mixed Trios Team Game (All Time Record 1,144)
  • 1st  2011 Shoot-Out at the Fort Champion
  • 1st  2011 Ohio WBA Queens Champion
  • 1st  2011 Toledo Women's City Champion Singles
  • 2011 Toledo Super Bowl Tournament Champion (Singles)
  • 5th  2010 PBA Bayer Don & Paula Carter Mixed Doubles 
  • 4th  2010 PBA Women’s Series Earl Anthony Open 
  • 3rd  2009 PBA Women’s Series Chameleon Championship 
  • 2009 PBA Women’s Series Exempt Player
  • 2009 Bowler’s Journal All American Team
  • 2009 PBA Women’s Series Showdown Runner Up
  • 1st  2008 PBA Shark Championship Champion Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2008 US Bowler All American Team (Nominee)
  • 2008 PBA Womens Series Chameleon Championship Runner Up Taylor, Michigan
  • 1st  2008 PBA Central Region Storm Products-Beechmont Toyota Open Champion
  • 3 career LPBT/PWBA Regional Titles


  • 1st    2011 Ohio State WBA Queens Champion
  • 1st    2010 Louisville Fillies Champion (All Events) (2nd Singles)
  • 1st    2010 Ohio Women’s State Tournament Team Champion
  • 1st    2010 Ohio Women’s State Tournament Champion (Doubles)
  • 12th  2010 USBC Women’s US Open 
  • 7th    2010 USBC Queens Tournament 
  • 5th    2010 Toledo Masters 
  • 1st    2009 Louisville Fillies Champion
  • 15th  2009 USBC Women’s US Open 
  • 13th  2009 USBC Queens Tournament 
  • 3rd    2009 Toledo Masters 
  • 1st    2009 Toledo Women’s City Champion (Scratch All Events) 
  • 5-Time Toledo Mixed Doubles Champion (1998, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2009)
  • 2008/2009 Ohio Women’s Bowler of the Year (All Star Team Captain)
  • 1st    2008 Hoinke Classic Women’s 8-Game Champion (Handicap Doubles)
  • 1st    2008 Hoinke Classic Women’s Scratch Doubles Champion (Stacey Fehr)
  • 2007/2008 Ohio Women’s High Average 234 (Tied Teri Haefke)
  • 2007/2008 Ohio Women’s Bowler of the Year (All Star Team Captain)
  • 2008 USBC Women’s US Open – Finished 5-8 bracket
  • 3-Time Ohio Women’s State Tournament All Champion (All Events 2,140) 
  • 1st    2008 Ohio Women’s State Tournament Champion (Singles)
  • 1st    2008 TNBA Rhodman National Women’s Champion (Singles)
  • 1st    2008 TNBA Rhodman Central Region Women’s Champion (Singles)
  • 2006/2007 Ohio Women’s Bowler of the Year (All Star Team Team Captain)
  • 1st    2007 Ohio Women’s State Tournament Champion (Team)
  • 1st    2007 Toledo Strike It Rich Open Champion (Singles)
  • 1st    2007 Ohio Inter-City Team Champion
  • 1st    2007 Sweetheart Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 1st    2006 Toledo Women’s Champion (All Events)
  • 1st    2006 Toledo Women’s Champion (Singles)
  • 1st    2002 Michigan Junior Masters Association Adult/Junior Tournament Champion
  • 2-Time Ohio Women’s State Tournament Champion (All Events) (1998 and 1999)
  • 1st    1996 Ohio Women’s State Tournament Champion (All Events)
  • 23 career 800 series