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    Houston, Texas
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Carol Norman


Carol is a USBC Bronze Certified and USBC Silver Certified Coach as well as a IBPSIA Certified Technician and a Storm Certified "See Your Game" Instructor.

She is a member of the USBC and Oklahoma WBA Bowling Hall of Fame.  When she is not on the lanes you can find her at Carol Norman's UCanBowl2 Pro Shop in Houston where she is the Owner/Operator.

Carol is the first-ever woman to roll back-to-back sanctioned 300 games.  She tied the WIBC All Events record for nine games (1,984).  Also set the WIBC Tournament Team Record (3,184).



  • 6-Time PWBA National Champion
  • 26 career PWBA Regional titles
  • 1992 Southwest Regional Player of the Year
  • 1991 Robby Award Recipient
  • 1st   1990 WIBC Champion (All Events)
  • 1st   1987 Women’s US Open Champion
  • 1987 WIBC All American
  • 1982 PWBA Rookie of the Year
  • 1st   1982 Oklahoma WBA Champion (Singles, Doubles and All Events)
  • 1982 WBA Champion Ardmore, Oklahoma (All Events)
  • 6 career 800 series (High 858)

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