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    Mexico City, Mexico
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Patrick Healey Jr.


Healey's first PBA telecast came as an amateur when he placed third in the 1995 Tournament of Champions. In his first season on the PBA Tour in 1998, he qualified for two Championship Round finals while only competing in less than half of the tournaments.

In 1999, he qualified for three more television finals, and cracked the top 25 in yearly earnings in just 20 Tour events. Healey won his first career title at the 2002 PBA Greater Kansas City Classic (Blue Springs, MO).

PERSONAL FACTS:Healey was an All-American at Wichita State University where he was an All-American. He was voted the U.S. Amateur of the Year in 1991, '92 and '95. Exempt for 2007-08 PBA Tour.


  • 1st  2003 Dexter Tournament of Champions Champion