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Matt Miller


Currently Matt runs the London Pro Shop which is in the Airport Bowl London, England. When I'm not in the shop I'm working hard on my game. My aim is to bowl more events in Europe and to play the World Series every year.

Miller has been on Storm Staff since 2010 and his favourite ball is the Storm IQ Tour Fusion.  He has bowled for Storm Team England for over 8 years.


  • 2nd  2010 AMF World Cup Runner Up
  • 2010 European Championships Bronze and Silver Medalist
  • 2011 Malaysia Commonwealth Championships Gold Medalist (Doubles and Mixed Doubles) and Bronze Medalist (All Events)
  • 2012 European Championships Bronze Medalist (Trios and Doubles) and Silver Medalist (Team)
  • 3rd  2012 Romania Open 
  • 1st  2013 Paris Five-Man Team Champion