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    Manila, Philippines
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Cecilia Yap


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High Game: 300 (4) High Series: 800


Titles: 2001 Malaysia Open Champion, Guam - Pepsi International Classic Junior Championship Bowler of the Year 1997-2000 * 1997 19th SEA Games Jakarta Silver Trio, Gold 5-man Team * 1997 Asian FIQ Youth Manila 4 man Team Gold Medal 1998 12th Asian Intercity Guam Masters Champion * 1999 3RD AMBA-Pepsi Open Championship (mix men-ladies) 1st Runner-up * 1999 TBAM Junior Open Collegiate Champion * 1999 Annual Junior Championship 1st Runner Up * 1999 PBC Youth Championship Collegiate Champion * 1999 Collegiate Bowler of the Year * 1999 PBAP Open 3rd Runner Up * 1999 13th Asian Intercity Hong Kong Silver Medal Team event 2000 * Champion Cebu Sinulog Open, Cebu * Singles Champion PBC Open * TBAM Junior 2nd Runner up * Bowlmart Junior 1st Runner Up * PBC Junior Annual 1st Runner up * PBC Youth Championship Collegiate Champion * PBC Collegiate Bowler of the Year INTERNATIONAL * 4th Chinese Taipei International Open July 2000, 1st Runner-up. ESPN Taiwan Masters Cup 4th Place. * 33rd Singapore Open August 2000, Champion. ESPN Singapore Masters Cup Champion * 14th Asian Intercity Manila, 2000 * Masters Champion, * Singles Champion, * Doubles Champion, * Team Champion * All-Events Champion * Rank 2nd Best In Asia Zone 2001: * January, Guam-Pepsi International Classic Junior Championship, 1st Runner-Up * Malaysia Open Champion * 21st SEA Games Penang Malaysia * Silver medal Singles event * Silver medal Trios event * Silver medal 5 man team * Silver medal all-events * Storm International Invitational Korean Open Seoul, Korea 1st runner up Masters Event * 15th Asian Intercity Pusan Korea * Silver Medal Singles event * Gold Medal Doubles event * Gold Medal Team event * Bronze Medal All events * Silver Medal Masters Event 2002 * Asian FIQ Hong Kong, Bronze Medal All-Events, Bronze Medal 5 Man Team * Silver Medal ASIAN Games Busan Korea, 5 Man Team * 1st International Guam Open Ladies Open Masters Champion Bowled 4th Perfect Game in Ladies Qualifying -Champion Singles * 16th Asian Intercity Taipei, Taiwan * Bronze Medal Singles Event * Gold Medal Doubles Event * Silver Medal Team of Four * Bronze Medal All Events * Gold Medal Masters Event 2003 * Malaysian CGU/ESPN Leg 1st Runner-Up * Philippine CGU/ESPN Leg 1st Runner-Up * 15th World Championship Kuala Lumpur Malaysia * Gold Medal Trios Event ( Broke last Years trios total by Korean Ladies team. Broke Korean Ladies team highest three game series) * 2nd Guam International Invitational Open Ladies Masters Champion * Hong Kong CGU ESPN Leg 2nd runner up



 -         Asian Intercity Jakarta Indonesia Ladies Masters Champion

-         Asian Intercity Jakarta Indonesia Gold Medal Singles Event

-         Asian Intercity Jakarta Indonesia Gold Medal Doubles Event

-         Asian Intercity Jakarta Indonesia Gold Medal Trios Event

-         Asian Intercity Jakarta Indonesia Gold Medal All Events

-         Sea Games Manila Gold Medal Singles Event

-         Sea Games Manila Silver Medal Doubles Event

-         Sea Games Manila Silver Medal Trios Event

-         Sea Games Manila Silver Medal 5 Man Team

Other Achievements: Storm staffer since 1998