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  • City: San Jose
  • State: California
  • Teams: Men
  • Mascot: Spartan
  • National Titles: 1

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  • San Jose State

The Men's and Women's Intercollegiate Bowling Teams at San Jose State constitute one of approximately 200 such collegiate bowling programs across the United States.  Although the term "intercollegiate" is used, the teams are not affiliated with the school's intercollegiate athletic program.  Rather, the program is identified as a recreational club sport and is recognized by the University as that which represents SJSU in intercollegiate bowling competition. 

There are very few schools across the country, which offer bowling as part of their university's intercollegiate athletic program, and less than a dozen, which offer any type of bowling scholarships.  The SJSU bowling program is supported 100% by the fundraising efforts of the bowlers themselves.  It is administered by a staff of coaches who donate their time.

Within this structure has been built what is considered one of the best collegiate bowling programs in the country (history of being ranked in the top 10 by the Bowling Writers Association of America) and during the past 25 years (since the development of the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships) it has enjoyed much success.  Attached is a brief synopsis of the performances of SJSU Teams at the Nationals and some individual highlights from the past 25 seasons.