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    Honolulu, Hawaii
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Arthur Hamabata


Arthur has been bowling for over 50 years since the age of 4.  He credits his love and learning of the sport to his Mother.

When not bowling, he enjoys golfing, bass fishing and watching bowling, golf and poker on TV.  Served in the Armed Forces from 1982-1992 before joining the Hawaii Air National Guard in 1995, where he has proudly served our country since.  

Bowled his first-ever 300 game in 1987 and his second perfect game in 1995.


  • 1st  2014 Navy Base Team Championships High Average Champion
  • 1st  2013 Hawaii TV Bowling Tournament Champion (Doubles) 
  • 3rd  2012 Hawaii TV Bowling Tournament
  • 8th  2009 PBA Hawaii Regional Tournament
  • 34th  2010 PBA Hawaii Regional Tournament
  • 2nd  2014 Hawaii All Military Bowling Tournament (All Events)
  • 2nd  2013 Hawaii All Military Bowling Tournament (Men's Doubles)
  • 2nd  2013 Oahu Bowlling Association Senior Tournament (50-54 Age Bracket)

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