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    Newburgh, New York
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  • 300 Games
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Chris Blaison


Chris and his wife have two children, son CJ who is three and daughter, Felicity who is one.  He has been bowling since the age of four.

When he is not bowling he is fan of MMA and UFC.  His favorite bowler of all-time is Amleto Monacelli of Venezuela.  Blaison is a die-hard New York Yankees and Buffalo Bills fan.

Chris set the Bowling Time Series House Record in 2011 when he rolled an 857.


  • 1st  2013 Worlds Best Bowlers Masters Tournament Champion Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  • 1st  2013 Ebonite Shoot-Out Tournament Champion West Havestraw, New York
  • 1st  2013 Scratch Sweeper Kegel Sunset Strip Champion West Havestraw, New York
  • 1st  2013 10-Game Scratch Marathon Champion Newburgh, New York
  • 1st  2013 6-Game Sweeper Kegel Winding Road Tournament Champion Newburgh, New York
  • 2011/2012 Ebonite Shoot-Out Points Leader


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