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  • Home Town
    Westerville, OH
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Dan Higgins


When not on the lanes you can find Dan helping out at Champions II Pro Shop in Columbus, OH.

He enjoys spending time with his daughter, Katie.  His favorite sports teams include the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinatti Reds and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  He likes to eat at Roosters, specifically the chips ad sala, the chicken, and the pizza and pasta.


  • 1st - 2012 Dayton Open
  • 1st - 2012 Budlight Open Doubles
  • 1st - 2012 TNBA National Scratch Mixed Team
  • 1st - 2012 TNBA National Scratch Mixed Doubles
  • 1st - 2012 TNBA Central Region Team Scratch
  • 2009 RPI Team Champions
  • PBA Central Region Rookie of the Year in 2000
  • 3rd - PBA Central Regional (multiple times)
  • 3-time City High Average - Columbus, OH
  • Multiple City Titles - Columbus, OH
  • Multiple Amateur Titles - Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Team, Mixed Team, All-Events


Amateur Pro Shop Staff