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Mike Jasnau


You can find Mike at Lane 81 located inside the National Bowling Stadium this year at the USBC Nationals in Reno, Nevada. Each and every year since 1998 he has been giving lessons for those who visit the USBC National Tournament. So if you are looking for some pointers or maybe want to change something in your game, be sure to stop by Lane 81 Pro SHop and schedule a lesson from one of the top Storm Certified Coaches in the world.

Since 1998, Mike has served as Teaching Pro at National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.  He has given over 8,000 video analysis lesson and served in a Coach/Advisor role with the South Korean National Teams in 2000.

Jasnau has worked with countless current and former PBA Champion over the years along with many Storm Pro and Amateur Athletes.  Mike has over 20 years of professional coaching experience and has been recognized by the Bowler's Journal as a Top 100 Coach.


  • 2 - Time 1st-Team All American Wichite State University
  • 1 career PBA National Title and 2 career PBA Regional Titles

Amateur Pro Shop Staff