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    Redding, California
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Walt Roy


Walt has 44-career 700+ series, a high of 771, and 2-career 299 games. He also has 25-900+ series (4 games) and 5-1000+ series with a high of 1034.

Walt is considered one of the most talanted wheelchair bowlers in the world. He has the highest average ever booked for a Wheelchair bowler, 207 which has been the highest average in the nation for 18 of the past 19 years for all wheelchair bowlers.

He is currently the President of the American Wheelchair Bowling Association.  Walt is a member of the American Wheelchair Bowling Hall of Fame



  • 1st    2012 Southern Open Scratch Champion
  • 1st    2011 National Wheelchair Scratch Champion Boston, Massachusetts
  • 2011 National Wheelchair High 743 Series
  • 2011 National Wheelchair High League 199 Average
  • 1st    2011 California State Scratch Champion
  • 1st    2011 Colorado State Scratch Champion
  • 1st    2008 Las Vegas Wheelchair Scratch Champion 
  • 1st    2008 Santa Cruz Wheelchair Scratch Champion Santa Cruz, California
  • High Average in the Nation for a Wheelchair Bowler for 13 of the past 16 years (198/2008)
  • High Series in the Nation for a Wheelchair Bowler 8 times (771/2006)
  • High Game in the Nation for a Wheelchair Bowler 4 times (289/2006)
  • 1st    2004 North Carolina Wheelchair Scratch Champion
  • 4-time National Wheelchair Scratch Champion (1988, 1996, 2003 and 2007)
  • Highest Average Ever Booked for a Wheelchair Bowler (207/2002)
  • Only ABC Sanctioned Honor Score for a Wheelchair Bowler (299/1995)
  • Charter Member of the Northern California Wheelchair Athlete Foundation

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