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Derek Eoff


Derek is a USBC Bronze Certified coach

Native of Bremerton, Wash. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2003 with a degree in Management… Tied an event record with five out of a possible six gold medals at the 2007 Men's American Zone Championships in his Team USA debut.  He follows the Seattle sports teams and is a Nebraska Cornhusker fan.  He also enjoys playing softball and gofl.  His favorite food is seafood and mexican.


  • 48th - 2010 USBC Masters
  • 2009 Texas USBC Masters Champion
  • 2008 US National Amateur Champion
  • 2008 AMF World Cup Champion
  • 2008 Team USA Trials Champion
  • 5th - 2007 USBC Masters
  • 4tim Collegiate All-American 99-02 (Nebraska)
  • 2007 American Zone Championships in Guatemala earned the following medals... (3) GOLD Medals: Team Event, Doubles Event, Trios Event - (1) SILVER Medal: All-Events - (1) BRONZE Medal: Singles

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